We have undertaken several projects from ISRO, DRDO labs to prove our competence and capabilities in our industry and to generate revenue. The following are the projects we are presently executing.

Current Projects

Design and implementation of Long range encrypted HF TTC system for Abhyas Drone system for ADE/DRDO.

Design and implementation of DEBEL/DRDO/ISRO Human Spaceflight programme Health Monitoring Avionics system. Proto demoed to DEBEL. Currently in tender stage for 2022 delivery.

Design and implementation as overall systems integrators and subsystem developers for multiple ELINT/IMINT/SIGINT satellite systems for agencies. Systems will be used for target mapping enemy radars, armor, ships and military formations with high revisit time.

Design and implementation of AOCS systems for strategic satellites Microsat system. Currently in proto rfp stage (4pi Sun sensors, Mag torquers, DGA antennas, GNSS systems).

Design and deployment of LifeScout series of wearable epidemic management system in Karnataka and Eastern naval command, Vizag.

MoU with external partners to provide SATCOM in HF/S/X band. This service is presently provided by us to ISTRAC, ISRO for the upcoming INS-2 program.

Ongoing Design and deployment of high gain HF TTC Satcom station in Mauritius & Tonga. To integrate in our worldwide satcom coverage.

Design and Development of indigenous IRNSS based GNSS solution for DRDO Drone swarms.

Satellite Beacons for Unitysat (PSLV C-51).

Design and development of Electronic DAQs and receivers for BEL.

Design and development of N-LCA S/L-Band TxRx for ADA.

Design and development of Active space GNSS antenna and receiver for large satellite.

Long Range Soft kill and Hard Kill solutions for CUAS.

Quantum Radiation based crypto key generator with TPM based diŚgital handshake for true randomized encryption for MCEME.

Sensor Fuzed border surveillance network system (study/prototyping).

GPS denied navigation for autonomous UAVs/UUVs.