Company Background

Kepler Aerospace is a startup incorporated in 2018 dedicated to small satellite development, defense systems design, manufacturing and management.

Kepler registration number for Startup India : DIPP26831

Its main focus areas are:
  • Conceptualization and Realisation of Small satellite configurations.
  • Design and Development - R&D work for innovative next-gen technologies in space, defense and biomedical sector.
  • Manufacturing of space and mil-grade systems.
  • EW systems for Next-Gen warfare.
  • Consultancy services - on customer feedback looped sat-ops.
  • Parallel incremental concept- hardware/software realization.
  • Integration management for flexible customer based Cubesat systems.
  • Systemized, Synchronized and modular subsystem designs.
  • Total monitored contingency framework for 24x7 Backend support for Satellite operations.
Consortium certifications:
  • AS9100 Rev D certified.
  • ISRO PAX-300 workmanship standards for fabrication and assembly of Space electronic Packages.
  • ECSS-Q-70-08A for Manual Soldering of High Reliable Electronics connections.
  • BEL-IPC-620D/610F for processes and standards for Assembly of Boards for Mil applications.